St John the Baptist Hellidon

Church Reopening for Sunday Worship

It is with pleasure that we can confirm that the churches in both Hellidon and Staverton are about to open for Sunday Worship. Catesby church will remain closed for the time being as it has only one way in and one narrow aisle which therefore makes it difficult to comply with  the guidelines for opening the church.

The services throughout July will be Services of the Word to give us time to get used to the new seating system, hand sanitiising etc before attempting the slightly more complicated Holy Communion. But we are hopeful that we can begin introducing Communion in August.  

The services for July will be as follows:

5 July       09:30     Hellidon

12 July     09:30     Staverton

19 July     09:30     Hellidon

26 July     09:30     Staverton

The church will remain locked between services at the moment, but access can be arranged through Rev. Mary between the Thursday following a service, up to the Wednesday before a service. For example between the 9th and 15th July. This is because the church has to be kept empty of people for 72 hours both before and after use. The alternative is to deep clean the church with special cleaning fluid will will take time and money and not be a good option for preserving the pews and other woodwork in the church. 

Also, for track and trace purposes, Rev. Mary has to keep a log book of all who enter the church.


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